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The IRS has extended tax relief to the victims of severe storms and flooding in parts of California until June 17, 2024, to file various individual and business tax returns and make tax payments. The relief applies to affected taxpayers in San Diego county.

Filing and Payment Deadlines Extended

The IRS has postponed various tax filing and payment deadlines that occurred starting on January 21, 2024. As a result, the affected taxpayers will now have until June 17, 2024, to file returns and pay any taxes that were originally due during this period. This includes individuals who had a valid extension to file their 2023 income tax return that was due on April 15, 2024.

The June 17, 2024 deadline does apply to estimated income tax payments due on April 15, 2024. In addition, the quarterly payroll and excise tax returns normally due on January 31, 2024 and April 30, 2024, are also now due on June 17, 2024. Penalties on payroll and excise tax deposits due on or after January 21, 2024 and before February 5, 2024 will be abated as long as the deposits are made by February 5, 2024.

The affected taxpayers do not need to contact the IRS to get this relief. The IRS will work with taxpayers who lives outside the disaster area but whose records necessary to meet a deadline occurring during the postponement period are located in the affected area. Taxpayers qualifying for relief who live outside the disaster area need to contact the IRS at 866-562-5227.

Casualty Losses

Individuals and businesses in a federally declared disaster area who suffered uninsured or unreimbursed disaster-related losses can choose to claim them on either the return for the year the loss occurred (2024), or the return for the prior year (2023). Taxpayers claiming a disaster loss on their tax return should write the appropriate FEMA declaration number – “4758-DR” − on any return claiming a loss. Finally, the IRS has requested taxpayers to see Publication 547 and visit for information on disaster recovery.

As always, please reach out to our tax team at [email protected] or 858-565-2700 with any questions you might have.

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