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CWDL is thrilled to announce that Mark Wilson, Managing Partner, and Dustin Pfluger, Partner and Mortgage Banking Practice Leader, have made a significant strategic investment in Firstline Compliance, an operational risk and compliance advisory services firm.

Wilson and Pfluger join Troy Garris, Co-Managing Partner of Garris Horn, LLP, and Josh Weinberg, President of Firstline Compliance, as investors in the company.

As a result of this investment, as well as the previous investment by Garris, clients will benefit from direct access to the specialized services offered by each firm. CWDL and Firstline Compliance continue to be separate entities and maintain distinct branding and leadership structures.

“As an accounting firm dedicated to providing transformative guidance to the mortgage industry, we are so excited about this investment in Firstline Compliance,” says Mark Wilson, Managing Partner of CWDL. “Josh has assembled a best-in-class team of risk, compliance, technology, and operations professionals. In a dynamic and rapidly changing market, the ability to provide our clients with immediate access to essential compliance services sets us apart. Add in the result-oriented legal support offered by Troy, another recognized leader in the industry, and our clients have access to the complete suite of services that every lender needs.”

About Firstline Compliance

Firstline Compliance, LLC provides operational and technology risk and compliance advisory services that empower your business. As the trusted partner of banks, credit unions, independent mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, and leading Fintechs, we help ensure regulatory adherence while fostering growth and innovation. Our team is comprised of industry thought leaders and experts in mortgage lending, technology, and consumer financial products and services, with unrivaled experience in federal, state, agency, and secondary market requirements.

We believe compliance is more than checking boxes; it’s a competitive advantage and culture that propels your business forward. We also believe that proactive beats reactive every time, so we dig deep to identify what you don’t know – because uncovering the unknown is where growth happens. From there, we work collaboratively to tailor our services to meet your specific needs, articulating complex concepts into actionable steps that equip you to make informed decisions. Our goal is to build a relationship based on trust, respect, and intention. And when we help you, we’re indirectly supporting millions in their journey towards generational wealth through home ownership.

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